Mr. Damon’s Shadow Puppet Theater presents:
The Brementown Musicians and Other Tails
Summer 2021


Now presenting these fantastic, fun and engaging Virtual Options!

The Mr. Damon Show!

Each themed episode features humor, music, storytelling and puppet shows!
Featured Episodes:
Honey Bees, Fairies, and Animals in Winter.

The Light of Leonardo

ROCK like Leonardo in this innovative performance with Mr. Damon's Shadow Puppet Theater. Learn about Leonardo da Vinci and the SCIENCE of LIGHT. Join Niccolo the knight and Incendio the dragon as they explore SIMPLE MACHINES. Accompany the young Leonardo into the Tuscan countryside, through his apprenticeship in bustling Renaissance Florence and his fascinating work as a multifaceted genius.

Traveling the Silk Road with Puppetry of Asia

Enjoy an entertaining demonstration of music, stories, and puppetry traditions of Asia.  Join Mr. Damon and Fidget the squirrel on an adventure along the silk road as we laugh and learn about fascinating traditions of puppets!


Live Shows (on hold):


Mr. Damon's Shadow Puppet Theater presents this hilarious take on ancient Greek mythology with shadow puppetry, live music, and audience participation. Our adventure features the tales of Hercules and Princess Atalanta, the swift Greek heroine raised by bears.
{Bear Cub Shadow Puppet}


Blast off on a shadow puppet adventure into the MultiVerse with Captain Mr. Damon and his tardigrade co-pilot, Mossy!   Space Pirates??  Mysterious forces??   We will need the audience's wits and the martial arts skills of our microscopic copilot to help us escape the dangers and fulfill our mission to Alpha Centauri!